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    When does your computer give you problems? That’s right… At the WORST possible time!
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    Introducing Microdyne’s remote computer monitoring and support services
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That’s right…. At the WORST possible time.


All of us have had it happen. You run into computer difficulties right before a gig or just when you need to get out that huge contract. Maybe your computer gets hijacked and you are locked out of the internet. Let’s face it.  All mobile entertainment companies have experienced computer and smart phone problems.

Of course, computers, tablets, and smart phones are essential for a mobile entertainer to do business. In the case of a sound engineer, a mobile DJ, or a lighting technician, we can’t perform any more without them. If any of those devices fail, the consequences can be catastrophic for all parties involved.

The good news:

MOST computer problems can be prevented from ever happening with the proper computer monitoring. Yes, N.A.M.E. is offering a computer monitoring service, specialized for entertainment industry members. This computer monitoring service will monitor one or all of your electronic devices; and, when an irregularity is detected, you are notified long before the situation becomes critical.

Here's a taste of the features that make computer monitoring work for you!

  • Automated Monitoring

    Automated Monitoring

    Computer monitoring is the only way to get accurate insight into your computers and networks to deliver a valuable cost-effective service. Microdyne stops problems before they become EXPENSIVE disasters.
  • Alerting and Viewing

    Alerting and Viewing

    Microdyne has you covered and is alerted before crippling issues occur. When alerts happen, we take the proactive action to keep you running smooth and error free. The best part is that all this happens behind the scenes, so you don’t miss a beat.
  • Remote Access

    Remote Access

    With our remote access tools, we can provide you with quick, seamless, and secure maintenance – wherever you are. One click allows a Microdyne technician quick and easy remote access to any server or workstation from our network operations center. For a mobile entertainer, computers, tablets and smartphones prove to be essential for doing business. If those devices fail, the consequences can be catastrophic for all parties involved.
  • Automated Maintenance

    Automated Maintenance

    Microdyne’s flexible and secure solutions deploy software patches and various other automated tasks. In turn, your computers will run more efficiently, resulting in overall improvements in your organization, satisfaction levels and productivity.
  • Security


    Combines best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance in minimizing false positives and low system overhead so you can deliver robust, reliable protection with the lowest possible management effort.
  • Patch Management

    Patch Management

    Microdyne’s automated Patch Management service offers complete patch management to keep your systems up to date. Microdyne works for you, ensuring all your essential computer updates are applied.
  • Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    Microdyne’s asset tracking tells us all about your computer. For example, the type of processor, amount of memory and storage space. This is valuable when assessing resale values, upgrades, compatibility, and obsolescence.

This is about prevention!

So, here’s a real life example that applies to all of us: DJs, magicians, agents, production companies, clowns, and musicians.

So, you are using your computer; and, you noticed that your computer seems to be running slower than normal.  A computer slowdown can be a sign of a pending crash, a hard drive failure, a failed RAM chip or a variety of problems which can be catastrophic.

Guess what? 

You would have been notified BEFORE your computer even began to slow down.

The early causes of these problems would have been detected; and, you would have been told, “We are seeing that your hard drive is coming to the end of its lifetime. And, while you don’t have to worry about it crashing in the next week or so, you will want to act sooner than later. Based on the age of your computer and its components, here are some different options available to you…”

How great is that?

Your headache was eliminated before you actually got the headache. You will also receive weekly reports just like the ones below, so you can see what is going on for yourself.

Computer Reports - Emailed directly to you! Here are some samples of the reports you will be recieving

  • Executive Report

    Executive Report

  • Back Up Report

    Back Up Report

  • Remote Access Report

    Remote Access Report

Computer Monitoring: Mac and Windows Compatible

Apple and Windows
Basic Monitoring
Microdyne Agent Installation
Asset & Inventory Tracking
MSP Anywhere Remote Monitoring
HDD Space Checks
HDD Health Checks
Standard Monitoring
Basic Monitoring +
Proactive Maintenance
Performance Adjustments
HDD Defrag
File Clean Up
Registry Cleaning and Defrag
Startup Optimization
Privacy Sweeps
Internet Boost
Shortcut Fixes
System Optimization
Includes 15 minutes of Support
Professional Monitoring
Basic Monitoring Package +
Standard Monitoring Package +
Access to Service Desk Support
Priority Response
Priority Resolution
Status E-mail Notification
Agreements Available
Mobile Monitoring 1

Bonus for N.A.M.E. Members

As a N.A.M.E. member, you receive the following bonuses with our FREE TRIAL monitoring service:

  • Detailed assessment of your current device(s)
  • Immediate notification by E-mail and phone if we detect an impending, catastrophic event
  • Initial maintenance to make certain your machine is operating at optimal health AND efficiency
  • In depth analysis of what needs to happen to make certain your device runs properly, now and in the future

In addition, with your FREE 30 day trial, you will receive:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Important updates
  • Weekly reports on the status and overall health of your device
  • Access to remote maintenance by an IT engineer billed @ $20 per 10 minute increments.

If you sign up before your Free Trial expires, you will receive:

  • Complimentary, ENTERPRISE level anti-virus. This includes virus detection, and protection from catastrophies like ransomware.
  • But most importantly, Microdyne will MANAGE your anti-virus, normally $360 per year value, for free! This means no more hassle in determining what is critical for improving the longevity of your computer’s life.

Yes, we offer a commercial security protection software – FREE with your subscription – just for being a N.A.M.E. member.

Unlike consumer anti-virus services that come pre-installed on most devices, our package does NOT interfere with the operation of your system.

The Bottom Line? 

We are using the same technology used by multi-national businesses to keep your devices optimized and protected. All of the critical issues are identified, reported and resolved in real time.


You go about doing what you need to do, knowing that computer issues are going to be identified before they can create problems for you, resulting in Peace of Mind!

You can get started right now by filling out our simple Free Trial Form, and a Microdyne representative will contact you. 

Free Trial - Basic Monitoring

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